Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I can't begin to describe what this country means to me. All it took was one visit this past August and I fell in love. A friend of mine put it best, "When I left Haiti, I left part of my heart there". That's exactly how I feel.

I know about all the political chaos and cholera outbreak there, but this nation is so much more that I'm afraid the rest of the world may never know or understand it. This is a nation that wants so much more than it has. Not in a greed way, but in a prosperous way.

They are a nation that's crying out for help to a world that's turned a deaf ear and that believes as long as they throw money at them, they're helping. It doesn't help. Why does it not help? Where do I start? It breaks my heart into a million pieces.

I've never been to a place that despite all the negative things that are ongoing and despite how bleak the future looks, there is so much hope in a people. So much hope that it's mind blowing. A hope that the rest of the world can't comprehend.

When we were there, there wasn't anything that we did that they didn't want to be a part of. Whether it was removing rubble or simply walking through communities praying with and for the people there, they wanted to be a part of it. They want to build and make their country better than what it's ever been. They want to be a part of it and not simply have someone do it for them.

Please pray that the Lord will provide Haiti with everything it needs, from a strong unwavering faith in Christ to a non-corrupt government, for this nation to climb out of the rubble and oppression it's lived in and under its entire existence. It's hard for man to believe or comprehend it can happen, but through God it can.

I love the Haitians and I want to go back go Haiti. I have the opportunity to in late June, early July to help restore and install water wells. I'm praying and believing the Lord will provide to be able to go, if it's His will.


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm in the process of reading the book of Leviticus right now. All I have to say is THANK YOU FATHER FOR SENDING YOUR SON JESUS!!! If it wasn't for Jesus, after all the sacrifices each one of us would have to make for our sin today, there wouldn't be a lamb, goat, bull, ox, pigeon, or dove left on Earth to sacrifice. Come to think of it, if it wasn't for Jesus, with my being a Gentile, I wouldn't even have a chance.